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Improve Your Rockstar Voice

Get energized before a performance.

You’re about to go on stage and all of sudden, you’re getting nervous. If you feel jumpy and kind of nervous before a performance, you can use it to your advantage!

Do some quick jumping jacks or squats or push-ups backstage. Not only are you working off your stage fright, but your getting more air flowing through your body for a maximum performance with your rockstar voice.

Try to cut back or stop smoking.

Smoking can only hurt your chances of having a rockstar voice. I’ve heard a buddy of mine mention how he screams with so much more rasp since he starting smoking.

I hope he knows he’ll be talking with more rasp for the rest of his life. Smoking will damage your lungs, constrict your air flow, and ruin your vocal chords. Try to quit if you can.

Be aware of how loud you speak before a performance.

If your band is playing next at the rock show, you’re probably walking around mingling with fans and having a good time. Did you know you could be ruining your voice for the night?

Those places are loud! Next time you lean in to talk to someone, lean in and plug one of your ears with your finger. This way you can here the natural reverb in your skull and you won’t feel you need to yell to be heard.

Lay off the vibrato.

There are lots of professionally trained singers that will argue with me on this. I completely understand that.

For Opera and other classically trained vocalists, vibrato is a tasteful addition to their vocal arsenal. If you’re looking to sing rock, pop, metal, country, or any other radio-type genre, vibrato is your enemy.

Did you know that most untrained singers can’t control vibrato? That means that most of the time the judges of American Idol hear someone sing in vibrato in the early auditions, they assume the person can’t control it.