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Learning Classical Guitar

Surfing the net, you will find quite a few websites devoted to the guitar. Instructional manuals on how to play classical guitar music, various firms advertising free classical guitars, and in-depth classes on how to play like a professional in just one hour, yeah good luck with that. Some vendors charge for course materials, whereas others offer a little bit of information for free on their website. Some free websites will give you short classes on the correct posture, the proper playing position and where to begin.

Reading classical music of any kind can be a challenge. Unlike regular sheet music, there are a lot of special notations and marks around the notes that can be very confusing to the uninitiated. Some free websites will actually list what all these notes and symbols mean and how to play them on your classical guitar.

Your fingernail is an essential part of playing this instrument. Interestingly, in classical guitar music it is suggested that you grow your fingernail out just a little bit in your strumming hand. This may sound silly but you should seek information on proper grooming and care of your fingernail. You want to play classical guitar music well, but don’t want to damage your precious little finger do you? Needless to say, playing classical guitar is part art and part science.

The music has been with us for multiple generations. That’s great news if you’re looking for sheet music. In many cases, after a certain number of years have passed from the original composer’s death, music then becomes public domain and copyright laws no longer apply. That simply means that you can probably find a lot of classical guitar music for free. While many companies will no doubt still try and charge you for complex pieces, keep looking and you will find your favorite classical guitar music theme for quick print or download. Along with sheet music there are also MP3’s and Midi files available to listen to so you can get a real good feel of the music as well as the notes.