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Read Guitar Music

Perhaps the very first thing that a guitar player should know, aside from the parts of the guitar, is how to read guitar music the right way. As we all know, this can only be made possible if the player knows how to read guitar chords from a chart. This is the only way that one person can read through the tabs, play them, and see if the guitar music is right or wrong.

Learning how to read guitar chords is the only way to learn how to play guitar. Being able to do so saves someone the hassle of looking for another person just to ask for information. In time, after learning how to read guitar music, one can easily say that what he has on the magazine guitar chart for a certain song is wrong. He can then move on to changing it and in turn, tech his friends the right chords for playing a song.

The standard way of displaying the correct guitar chord is through a guitar diagram. A guitar chord diagram is made of a drawn square or rectangle with six lines, representing the six strings of a guitar. The squares are segregated into bars and these are the representations of the guitar frets. The way guitar chords are displayed is inverted, as if looking at the mirror. Keep in mind that at the left hand section of the drawing, you will find a thick line, which symbolizes the n of the guitar’s neck, where the tuning nuts are.

The places where you need to press the strings are symbolized by dots. If a dot is found at the second fret at the third string, this means that you need to press that string at that exact location. There is also a proper way of pressing the strings in terms of what fingers to use. On top of the drawing, you will see numbers form 1-4. The number on top of a dot tells you what finger to use. This means that if the number two is used or a dot located at the second fret on the third string, you have to use your middle finger to press that chord at that location.

How to read guitar music may not be an easy challenge to many. This is more aggravated by the fact that for beginners, they may think they are pressing the right chord but they cannot produce the right sound. Patience is always a key to learning how to play the guitar. No one can really learn how to play the guitar overnight. It may take days to master even just a single chord.