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Uniqueness in Your Voice

1. Focus on a specific type of audience. You cannot expect to please everybody. You must have a specific market where you are selling yourself. Different groups have different taste in music. Groups can be categorized by age – teenagers, pre-teens, oldies, young adults, or children. They can also be by gender – male, female, or even from the gay community. You must have at least one specific target group that you want to sell yourself to. Focus on what this group likes and adjust your craft to their taste.

2. Research on other styles. All singers have a preferred genre to listen to. Their preferred music is also usually the music they like to sing. In order to explore more on your musicality, listen to other genre and try them out. You might be surprised that you’re better at another genre – one that you least prefer listening to.

3. Modify your style. Play with your vocals and put a trademark sound. You can modify it by either putting more vibrato to it. If you already are good with vibrato, try putting your vibrato at the end of each phrase you sing instead of all throughout. You can experiment on mix and matching the different styles that you’ve researched on.

4. Present a unique character. A singer is not only known for his or her voice but also his or her character. Present a character that will make you memorable. You can be a punk on your appearance but be charitable in public. Or you can be angelic in appearance and vocal technique but have a diva attitude on stage. Even negative characters can make good publicity if it’s really worth noticing. Remember, bad publicity is still publicity. Why do you think Britney got so many media reviews? Of course, the good characters are the most loved but nonetheless, it’s not love that producers are after, it’s your ability to gather crowds to yourself.

5. Have a trademark fashion style. By this I do not mean going crazy on your fashion sense. No. You don’t need to be extravagant nor weird. You simply have to have something that is trademark on you that people will remember you when they see that object. It may be a scarf, or a special hat, or neckties, or certain shoes, or certain makeup style, or even a consistency in the color you wear. It should be something that every time people see you, you wear it. They will associate that object to your name in the long run.